ERP (Enterprise Resource Planing in this context means that all relevant corporate data flow together in a centraln common database and are available there at any point of the company in the desired way.
No big company can afford to manage its business without a powerful ERP System. The best known Providers are SAP, Oracle and Microsoft.
But none of these systems fits to the specific needs of the limousine- and chauffeurservice industry.

LimouERP is based on a ERP-System developed by ourselfs specially for small and mid sized enterprises .
In this ERP system, the specific components has been integrated, that have made our product LimouSolution in just two years the leading solution in Germany for the limousine- and chauffeurservice industry.
Additionally, we have implemented many good ideas from our customers to make this business smarter, which have been brought to us in the last three years.

The Result: LimouERP combines the best of two worlds

1. The ERP World

- Procurement
- Quotatians
- Billing
- Customer Services (CRM)
- Human Resources
- Controlling/Accounting
- Business Logic
- Product Management
- Project Management
- Sales & Distribution
- etc.

2. The Limouservice World

- Business Process from Request to Invoice
- Quote calculating
- Dispatching
- Driver management
- Driver Communication
- Customer Service & Communication
- Vehicle management
- Event management
- Networking

2S LimouERP is a complet dispatching and management system for enterprises in the chauffeur- and limousineservice industry.