The leading European solution

2S LimouERP is the leading software for the limo industry in Europe. The system is based on the latest technology and ist providing all posibilities of modern data processing and communication.

The specific processes for the limo industry are continually optimized by the needs of more than ten of the leading providers for ground transportation services in Germany.

2S LimouERP is a perfect networking tool. The Software allows the different users to farm in and farm out bookings directly from one database to the other and to exchange alle importatn data, such as e.g. trip-status or GPS-Positions, in real time.
The LimouERP user can create his own network with his favourite affiliates or take part in the completet LimouERP network that is growing up in Europe.
The 2S-Team is preparing the interfaces for exchanging bookings with the big booking systems in the USA. Shortly, 2S LimouERP will be the door to European affiliates for the US limo industry. Be a part of it!


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