Online calculator

Customers get their quotes in seconds

Online calculator

The online calculator on your website enables the customer

  • to calculate all kind of quotes
  • based on your own price table
  • in just some seconds
  • without any help.

Transfers and hourly bookings can be calculated for your own location and all locations you offer inside your affiliate network:
The customer can execute the booking online. The first action which is needed to be done by the operator is to confirm the booking.

A great benefit of the online calculator lies in the time savings. As our experience shows, the operator will receive much less "givve-me-a-quote-requests" by e-mail or phone, which never lead to a booking.
Another great benefit is the improvement of the company image. Currently, only very big and professionel market players are able to offer such an outstanding service.

Please take also a look at the online calculator inside the customer login area!

Please click one of the images to start the diashow.

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