• Electronicaly farming in and out bookings from partners and affiliates
  • Easy calculating of quotes inside your whole network
  • Submitting Job Status notifications (Car started, Driver on location, Passenger on board, Passenger dropped off) in real time.
  • Connectet to GRiDD
    GRiDD is an independent platform that connects different booking and dispatch systems worldwide.
    Users of the connected systems (as example Limoanywhere, Grondwindgets, iCar etc.) are able to exchange booking data electronically - fast and error avoiding!
    More and more booking systems and some of the big players in the US-market will follow during the next month.
    LimouERP is the first European system that is connected to GRiDD. We expect our users to be the preferred affiliates in Europe for other connected Customers - paricularly in the United States.

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