Driver TabletApp

The communication with your drivers via the TabletApp is fast (real time) and free of transmission errors.

The driver has an easy and quick overview about his current jobs. He confirms the complete process chaine:

  • Acceptance
  • Job started
  • Car Start
  • On Location
  • Passenger On Board
  • Passenger Drop Off
  • Completed



Intermediate steps (for example car wash) possible.

The TabletApp can be used as an electronic welcome sign.

Additional hours, additional costs and refueling can be covered via the Driver TabletApp.

The TabletApp provides the driver with his accounting informations.

As an alternative to the TabletApp can also be used the SmartphoneApp.

The TabletApp is created for devices running on android. Drivers using a Tablet PC with another operating system like iOS (or the drivers of your affiliates) may use the Driver WebApp which is webbased and can be used in every mobil browser.

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