Setting standards


LimouERP is increasingly setting the technological standards in the limo industry in Germany. When the year had started, we supplied with QLimo and Interline (Carey Germany) the two biggest supra-regional networks in Germany.
In the second half of this year United Limousines AG - the biggest independent and supra-regional working limo company in Germany - will replace its previous, over a long period self-developed, system by a customized version of LimouERP.

Beside these big players in the German market, a lot of regional operators are using this system. Altogether, these companies built a unique and very powerful network working on a common technological base and providing service on the highest level.
The LimouERP users have a significant market share in the German market with a growing tendency.

A big advantage of this system is the electronically exchange (farm in / out) of booking data. This is time saving and error avoiding for both sides of the contract.

We are very happy to step forward in the internationalisation  of the system. Two companies from Switzerland are the first users outside of Germany and during our visit at the LCT-Show in Las Vegas we found great interest of operators all over Europe.

LCT-Show 2017
Meanwhile, the community of LimouERP users built a very powerful network for the German market. This USP was received with a great interest by the international audience in Las Vegas.
To cover all important destinations and to execute bookings via a single interface (as example GRiDD) to the own booking system is an outstanding benefit for agencies and big market players, executing  business for European destinations.
Our target is to create a powerful network  -as we actually find in Germany - for the whole European market.
This network will have a big advantage in the competition for the business from the big agencies, GDCs, airlines  and big international limo companies.

In this sense we talked with companies like iCars /, Karhoo, Dashride and TBR Global about creating interfaces for farming in and out bookings electronically.
We agreed with TBR Global to create such an interface during the next month. Other companies like iCars are actually connected with LimouERP via GRiDD.

GRiDD is also stepping forward continuously. With Commonwealth Worldwide the first big US-player has connected to this system. Limoanywhere and some other US-booking systems are already connected to GRiDD – and to the users of LimouERP
If you want more informations about GRiDD, this video may be interesting for you:

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