LimouERP is the premium software
for the industry of limousine and chauffeur services!

LimouERP is a complete integrated solution for the limo industry. It is covering the entire process chaine of a Limousine or Sedan Service.
The whole world of ground transportation is united in a single system that can be cutomized to the individual needs of each company at a very reasonable price.

The modular design of the system allows the operator to select exactly the needed features and functions.

ERP = Enterprise Resource Planning
The idea of an ERP system is to have an uniqe database for all data used by a company. Every user hast access to the all-time-valid data he needs for executing his tasks.
An ERP system covers all processes of a company - no additional systems are programs are needed


ERP-functions integrated in LimouERP:

  • Adress management
    Clients, affiliates etc.
  • Document management
    Offers, Confirmations, Invoices etc.
  • Article management
    Transfers, Special services etc.
  • User management
    Definition and assignment of single rights and roles
  • Project management
    e.g. comfortably event execution
  • CRM functions
    Activities, Tasks, client communication
  • Invoicing
    Invoices, Reminders etc
  • Accounting
    Open items list,initial account assignment etc

Specific funktions for the limo industry are:

Dispatching / Order management

Price calculator
Calculation of quotes for A2B / hourly bookings.
Individualy pricing lists at customer level

Comfort dispatch
Create and store individual list layouts
A several dispatch list per project
Use multiple dispatch lists
Optimized visualisation by icons.

Plausibility check dispatching
Times of non-availability for drivers and vehicles can be defined
Overlap alert for drivers and vehicles

Dispatching by drag & drop
drag & drop allocation of drivers and vehicles

Separate presentation of an automatically refreshed booking list. E.g. for Tablet PC o. large screen

Client communication

Status notification
Notifications about chnages of the job status (EN ROUTE, ONLOC, POB, PDROPP) are sent automatically by E-Mail / SMS

Professional appearance
Variously customizable layout of all docs (e,g, Offer, Booking Confirmation, Invoice, Reminder, Credit Note, Tripsheet),and E-Mails

Comfortable customer portal
Collect / edit customer and credit card data
View to all bookings in real time, create / edit  bookings

Professionell online calculator
Internal for online calculating based in the specific client pricing list.
External for calculating on the website.
If desired with complete website service

Driver communication

Driver App
For Smartphones /Tablets (Android / iOS)

Driver WebAPP
Webapplication e.g. for external drivers / temporary staff

Driver portal
Jobs and accounting online

SMS ServerApp
Sending text messages to drivers etc.

Driver management / accounting

Driver data
Collecting all relevant data according to internal and external drivers

Collecting of times of non-availability (e.g. sickness, holidays) of drivers

Driver accounting
Assignment of driving-job related working times. Report of monthly working times per driver.

Work time accounts
Management of working time accounts, times of sickness and holidays.


Credit card payment
Processing of credit card payments via the supplier SIX Payment
(Additional suppliers on request)

Export of accounting data in a format that can be used by Datev

Export of accounting data in a format that can be used by Lexware

Export of booking data in a format that can be used by SAP.

Connection to the US-platform GRiDD (Details: LimouCONNECT)

Additional interfaces on request

Further functions

Reporting / Controlling
Business-related data can be analysed spontaneously or periodically.
Reports can be composed of lists, spreadsheets, graphs, rankings, average values, comparisons with past periods etc..
A wide choice of standard reports is available. Individual Reports can be customized easily.

Handover protocol wiht follow-up processes
Survey and analysis of vehicle data, fixed and variable costs
Claculation of company key figures
Analysis revenues, expensis, results


  • Affiliate management
    Affiliates are collected automatically with the dual function as client and supplier
  • Driver and vehicle data
    may be collected and edited online by the affiliate
  • Affiliate online portal
    Maintenance of master, driver and vehicle data.
    Acceptance / rejection of bookings, assignment of driver / vehicles, change of job status.
    Access to data of all current and comleted bookings
  • Easy & comfortable request for availibility
    also to several receipients at once
  • Calculation of the purchase (affiliate) prices
    based on a unlimited number of pricing lists
  • Calculation of the best affiliate price
    in consideration of the distances of approach / getting back to the garage for each affiliate´s location
  • Electronically exchange of booking data
    farming in and out of booking data with other users of LimouERP.
    No manually copying of job data - time saving and error avoiding!
  • Link to LimouCONNECT
    Connection to external systems / supplier e.g. via GRiDD
    Exchange of booking data e.g. with users of Limoanywhere or US suppliers like Commonwealth Worldwide
    More supplier / systems will follow