LimouCONNECT - the future of networking!

Currrently, farming in and out of bookings means a lot of manual work in the most cases. Job data has to be copied manually or by copy & paste.
The result: Wasted time and unnecessary mistakes!

Some systems - mostly from the USA - enable the operator to transmit job data between the users of the system.
From European operators we received the feedback, that these US-Systems does not realy fit to the limo business in Europe.
We made the experience, that data hosting in the USA is a critical issue for a lot of clients and operators.
This may be the reasons, why there is no Europwide system building a bridge between the big US operators, agencies, airlines and GDCs and the operators with different sizes executing the bookings.

De facto, there is no streamlined electronically process for the  execution of bookings.

The project LimouCONNECT is realizing exactly this idea of a streamlined electronically process beginning at the initial collecting of job data to the execution of the job and feeding back of job data (driver / vehicle data, job status in real time) to all participating parties.

  1. Current status:
    Today LimouERP is the leading software for the limo industry in Germany.
    The three biggest independent players (Interline /Carey Germany, United Limousines AG and QLimo) in the German market and a couple of powerful regional providers cover a high market share in Germany.
    These companies are already enabled to exchange booking data electronically.
    But LimouCONNECT does not only mean the uniqe transfer of the initial booking data. Also changes of bookings and the return of driver / vehicle data as well as the transfer of status notifications (EN ROUTE, ONLOC, POB, PDROP).
    Experience shows, that the users of LimouERP are prefering other users of the system when selecting affiliates. The electronically exchange of booking data saves a lot time and costs for both sides of the contract.
    This is a significant competitive advantage in competing for international business!
    Via a single interface broker, GDCs, Airlines, Agencies etc. are already able to cover the locations Hamburg, Berlin, Hannover, Cologne / Bonn / Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Baden-Baden, Stuttgart, Nuremberg, Munich and Zurich particularly convenient and reliable.
    The same applies to the US operators connected to GRiDD.
    Please find more informations about GRiDD in this video:

    Furthermore, LimouCONNECT will be connected step by step to other relevant market stakeholders, brokers etc..
    In the concrete planning are interfaces to TBR Global and Karhoo
  2. An European network
    In the netxt step, a European network of powerful limo operators will be created - cooperating on a common cutting edge technology.
    This uniqe European network will have a significant competitive advantage!
  3. Using the technology of tomorrow already today
    Innovations, that are saving time and costs, will become industry standards in the course of time.
    Companies, that are integrating innovations in the daily business in an early stadium are achieving the greatest benefit.

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