Easy Business

LimouERP is a all-in-one solution for companies in the limousine service industry. According to the fact, that it is based on a comlepte ERP-System for small und mid size companies, in provides solutions for all business cases.

The ERP-System delivers solutions for all classical business cases :

  • Adress Management
  • CRM
  • Accounting
  • Human Resources Management
  • Controlling
  • Accounting
  • Project Management
  • Product Management
  • Bid proposal management
  • Invoicing
  • Dunning
  • etc.

The "limo-part" of the software delivers the features and functions,  developed especially for the limousine service industry.

Highly comfortable dispatching
The dispatching-list is very clear and easy to customize. It is manifold filterable and the content can be grouped in several steps. So it ist easy and fast to create a very clear and targeted partial list out of a lot of data / orders.
The calendar function delivers a quick overview about booking of vehicles and drivers.
The dispatching list delivers real time information about the informations which are changed by internal (drivers) or external (suppliers / drivers) participants through intelligent tools (AndroidApp, WebApp and login). For example acceptance / rejection of orders, order status, etc..

Perfect flow from Request to Invoice
All data off clients, suplliers, orders, etc. have to be collected only once and are available at any further step in the workflow.
All documents like offers, confirmations, invoices are fitted to the special needs of the limousine service industry. Create perfect offers, confirm single orders or complex events with only one click, manage invoices easy and comfortable without forgetting a single order.
One system for all your business cases!

Quote calculating
The calculator is able to calculate the right price for every kind of transfer and hourly rental depending on your individual specifications. Of coruse the access to pick up and the return from dropp off are taken into the account in every case.

Driver management
Storing all relevant driver data, working hours, times of unavailibility.
The system is warning in case of overlapping orders for one driver

Driver communication
Perfect driver communication by special Apps for Smartphones / Tablet PC or a web based driver application.
Collecting data about all driver activities as "driver on road", "driver on location", "passenger pick up" and "passenger drop off" in real time.
Perfect documentation of all tour dates.
Easy controlling of all workflows - no missunderstandings - no lost informations

Driver accounting
The working hours of the drivers are automatically collected by the input from the driver App.
All necessary data for billing the working hours of the drivers are generated by the system.
The system can be extended to a complete payroll.

Customer service & communication
All information for your customers fast, accurate and reliable!
Quick answers to queries. Clear, accurate and detailed listings.
Real-time information about the current job status through status messaging via e-mail and SMS
Access to all project data and documents via the Customer login
Customers are able to calculate quotes and create bookings by using the customer login.
Bookings can be edited easily online.

Individuelle Preise

Vehicle management
Storing all relevant vehicle data, e.g. operating, times of unavailibility, refuel data and traveled distance.
The system is warning in case of overlapping orders for one vehicle

Event management
Perfect managemennt of events, roadshows etc. is supported by the systems project management.
Select contact persons of all participated parties, create mailing lists very comfortabel, manage all documents of the events.
Dispatch all driving jobs in a separate dispatching list.
See, who discussed what, when and with whom about the event?

LimouERP is the perfect tool for your personal limo-network. Exchanging jobs with other LimouERP using partners is easier then sending an e-mail.
Databases are connected directly and are updating order data automaticaly.
LimouERP users are a powerful and fast growing european network of first class Limo Services