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International LCT Show 2018

    The 4th time the 2S Team was attending the International LCT-Show between March 12th and 14th 2108 in Las Vegas. Our target for this year was to push the connectivity between US based and Europe based limo operators. We prepared some info flyers for this target groups and had a lot of very…
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Lights are on for Europe!

LimouERP is the first - and currently only - European system that is connected to GNet - the US based platform that enables limo operators all over the world to farm in and out bookings directly through the systems (Limo Anywhere, Fasttrak, Livery Coach, Hudson). Users of LimouERP are fully connected to GNet and able…
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Setting standards

  LimouERP is increasingly setting the technological standards in the limo industry in Germany. When the year had started, we supplied with QLimo and Interline (Carey Germany) the two biggest supra-regional networks in Germany. In the second half of this year United Limousines AG - the biggest independent and supra-regional working limo company in Germany…
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INTERLINE / CAREY Germany will use LimouERP

We are proud, that the Interline Network - Partner of Carey International Inc. in Germany -  will replace his current booking and management system by LimouERP. Up to nine stations in Germany and Switzerland will start to use an individually customized version of LimouERP during the first months of 2017. Thus the both biggest listed…
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