About 2S


2S is specialized in developing individual software for small and mid-size companies. Our Developing methods are specially adapted to this target group. 2S saves the resources of the customer and develops software in a flowing process in addition to the daily business. Our clients do not need external consultants or any other expensive support.

Our core business are ERP and CRM systems. Our customers come from various industries as finance, construction, logistics , Services and of course the limo industry.



The all-in-one system
Enterprise Resource Planning is a important tool for successful business processes. 'Heart and brain' of the enterprise is a central system and database, which covers the comlete business process chaine.


Know your customer
Customer Relationship Management is the key to take advantage of the whole potential a customer relationship offers. Top customer service on the one hand and valuable data for marketing and sales activities on the other hand are based on a perfect fitting CRM-System.

Business Logic

Make an idea a process
Business is a competition of ideas. But even the best idea is worthless, if it can not be realized in a business process and be integrated in the business logic.<br> 2S creates a system built around your process!


Use data where and when you want
All data is storaged in a central database on a powerful and secure server. Different kinds of clients like Desktop-Applications, Apps for Smartphones / Tablet PC´s and Webapplications are connected via Internet (encoded and secure) to the database and the server software.

Latest Technologie

For the best performance
Systems developed by 2S are based on the latest available tried and tested technologie.
The 2S-team masters all relevant current technologies.

Buy or rent

Best price vs. saving liquidity
2S provides pricing models that fit to all different business situations.
A licence can be bought or rented


Our History

2S was founded in June 2009, when the companyfounders, Achim Sorge und Kai Sperling, decided to combine their very different skills to win satisfied customers with the best service and outstanding products .

In March 2012 we started - in cooperation with our partner Bavaria Limousines (Munich, Germany) - to develop our first software for the limo industry: 2S LimouSolution

2S LimouSolution was installed at twelve different companies until end of 2013. These companies form a powerful network with a very high quality standard which can only be reached by using a common powerful system.

In 2014 we started to combine the specific features for the limo industry with the power and the possibilities our ERP-System offers: 2S LimouERP was born!
In August 2014 we started to roll out the new system. In January 2014 ten limo services in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Bonn, Frankfurt, Baden-Baden, Stuttgart, Nuremberg and Munich are using the new software and are building a powerful network of first class limo service providers.