Easy Business

Simplify your Business. One clear and easy workflow from request to invoicing.

A continuous process which makes copying of data unnecessarily. Errors are avoided in this way and a lot of time is saved....


Customer Service

Satisfy your customer

A satisfied customer is the most important target in your daily business. 2S LimouERP enables service at the highest level ...


Driver Communication

Real-time communication via smartphone-app, tablet-app or web-app

Driver communication has to be: Fast, precise, complete and error-free ...


2S LimouERP is complete Software for the limo industry. It is a integrated solution over the whole process chaine of a Limousine or Sedan Service.
The whole world of ground transportation is united in a single system with an backoffice application for easy going dispatching and the whole business flow from a request to the invoice, with a login area for customers, affiliates and chauffeures and with fast and perfect driver communication via special apps for mobil devices.

2S LimouERP is made for offering perfect customer service andfor perfectly participating in  networking activities around the world.

2S LimouERP is the perfect software system for limousine and sedan services


28feb 16

LimouERP Event for European attendees at the LCT Show 2016

The day before the LCT-Show 2016 in Las Vegas started, we invited attendees from several European countries to the Four Seasons Hotel to talk about the technological progress in networking...

01jul 16

Siemens AG uses LimouERP

The global player Siemens AG uses since July 2016 a customized version of LimouERP to manage its own chauffeures and vehicles in their ground transportation division ...

20sep 16

Making good things better

New moduls make working faster and daily business easier. Expressbooking, Geo-Articles, Credit-Card-Payment, New Driver App ....